I’ve taken all of the head coaches ever in the SEC (that I can remember) and put them on one staff. This list obviously may not be completely accurate because I’m limited by the information I can gather and my memory. A lot of you will not agree with many of my choices per position. Many won’t agree with ANY of my choices. Too bad. I thought of this column first. You can let me know how you feel by leaving me a comment.

HEAD COACH—The first spot is one that will surprise most of you. My pick for Head Coach is Bob Neyland. I’m about to explain, so try to relax, Alabama fans. At first, I was divided, obviously, between Bear Bryant and Saban. Then, I started comparing their records. Saban won 4 national championships and 165 games with a winning percentage of around 74% in 18 seasons. Bryant had 6 NCs, 323 wins, and a winning percentage of 78%.

Neyland won 4 NCs, 173 wins at a percentage of 83% in 21 seasons. His tenure at Tennessee was twice interrupted with recalls back to the Army, where he really was a general. At Tennessee, he had unbeaten (but tied-upon) streaks of 33, 28, 23, 19 and 14 games. The 19 game win streak included 17 shutouts and 71 scoreless quarters. In fact, 112 of his 173 wins were shutouts. No one can argue the awesomeness of this.

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR–Gus Malzhan is my pick. A lot of you are asking why not Spurrier. A few may want Urban Meyer. Again, I thought of this first.

QBs—David Cutcliffe is my QBs coach. Most of you again are wondering why not Spurrier, but Cut’s QBs were among the best in the conference every year. Other than Wuerffle, Spurrier’s QBs really weren’t that impressive. Urban Meyer is the Assistant OC.

WRs/TEs—Finally, Spurrier gets the call. Why here? Because, very few of his triggermen were ever great—Wuerffle was great in college, but he consistently pumped wide receivers into the league at Florida and continues to do so now. His best buddy, Fulmer, will help him handle the TEs.

RBs—Pat Dye edges out Emory Bellard here. Who is Emory Bellard? He invented the wishbone which ruled the game for the next 25 years or so. Go back and look at the running backs Dye pumped into the league in the ‘80s before arguing this one.

OL—Les Miles edges out Fulmer. Why? Because Miles played and coached the position, I want him on the list, and I can’t find any other coach that excels here either. If you can find others better here, I’ll accept it.

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR—Nick Saban. I guess if Bear Bryant was the head coach, Neyland could be a pretty good choice here. Other decent choices are Gene Stallings and Billy Brewer.

DL—Joe Lee Dunn. Who? Dunn was the defensive coordinator at Ole Miss under Billy Brewer and was the interim coach when Brewer was relieved of his duties after the 1993 season. Dunn, taking the helm under severe restrictions from the NCAA, lasted only one season, but NOBODY EVER DIALED UP THE BLITZES LIKE DUNN! NOBODY!

LBs—Bear Bryant. Like Miles, I think Bryant would be good here, and I’m not sure if any are better that haven’t already been listed. I’ll accept some help with this one.

DBs/Safeties—Tommy Tuberville. I’m actually not sure what position he specialized in before becoming a defensive coordinator, but Tuberville is too good of a defensive mind to leave off this list.

I’d probably have Tuberville handle the special teams, too. I’d consider Phil Fulmer as my recruiting coordinator. Hal Mumme is the GA assisting Malzhan with play calling and QB development. Now, I know Mumme is as shady as tar, but he’s too talented to exclude. Why choose Mumme? He took a horrible Kentucky team and made them exciting. He made his QB, Tim Couch, a Heisman finalist and the #1 pick in the draft despite the team only finishing 7-5. TIM COUCH? We aren’t talking about Brett Favre and Curly Hallman. Tim Couch and Hal Mumme! Who else but the architect of the spread offense. His OC at Kentucky and disciple was Mike Leach.

Bill Curry is the only choice as compliance director, and he’d have his hands full controlling Bear, Mumme and Dye.

Okay. Let me know what you think.



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